CA020 Large Huichol Catrina (High Quality)


Authentic clay catrinas handmade in Mexico.

Part of the Dia de los Muertos tradition.

The pictures shown are a sample of the many styles that are available. The item number refers to the size of the Catrinas but the colors and styles will vary. For current items in stock call or email us.

Material: Clay

Size: approximately 18 in. x 5.5 in.

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Large Huichol Catrina handmade in Mexico.

Part of the Dia de los Muertos tradition.

What are Catrinas?

One of the most well known symbols of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)  are Catrinas, which are based off the artwork of “La Catrina” by Jose Guadalupe Posada. They were originally meant to represent rich women, which is why most catrinas are dressed in fancy dresses and hats However,


Due to their popularity, these catrinas are no longer just part of Dia de Los Muertos but now they have also become a collector’s piece and great year round home décor. They are made of clay and painted with acrylics and available in both gloss and matte finish.


What is Dia de Los Muertos?

Holiday Date: Oct. 31-Nov. 1

Dia de los Muertos dates back to the indigenous culture of Mexico and it is based on the belief in afterlife; when people die, they don’t cease to exist, instead, their soul is carried on to the afterworld. The tradition is to honor the deceased by either building an altar or taking offerings to the grave. It is more of a celebration of life than a mourning of death.

Our History:

The founders of Talavera El Fandango, which later became Fandango Trading, have been working in the Mexican crafts market for the last 30 years.  During these years, they have been working very closely with the artisans; not just purchasing from them but also learning from them about the richness of their traditions and their exquisite art.  Fandango Trading’s purpose is to sell wholesale Mexican Folk art but our purpose is also to share the beautiful products of Mexico and the great talent of these artisans.

Our company differs from others because of the good quality of our products owing to the experience that we have acquired in the market, the best prices in the entire market, and the shortest period of delivery for any special order. We work directly with the great artisans from states like Guanajuato, which is well known for its richness in talavera pottery; Oaxaca, which is famous for its folk art pieces; Puebla which is famous for its colorful pottery; and finally the state of Michoacan well known for the great pieces of art from Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). We work directly with customers to help them find what they are looking for and customize products for them.



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